About Us

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Our Story

Our story began with a passion for data and a drive for growth. As we worked with various analytical products, we noticed a gap in the market for dedicated support and guidance for clients who wanted to optimize their product analytics and drive growth. We knew we had the expertise and passion to fill that gap, and so we founded our data-driven consultancy.

Today, we continue to empower businesses with the insights and strategies they need to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. We’re proud of our journey and excited for what the future holds, and we’re honored to partner with you on your own journey towards data-driven success.

What We Offer

We Optimize

Unlock valuable insights with our data-driven solutions and expertise.

We Drive Product Growth:

Tailored strategies to drive results and achieve your growth goals.

We Empower You

Make informed decisions with our customized analytics solutions and expert guidance.

Our Expert Team

Every member of our team is fully certified in Amplitude, along with a whole host of other products and platforms, to ensure we deliver you the best quality consulting to grow your products.

Alex Magnusson

Head of Analytics

Olga Magnusson

Head of Product Development

Everton Scaciota

Lead Data Engineer

Stipe Lelas

Lead Data Analyst

Andreea Lupsan

Data Governance Analyst

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